BTnut Development Tools - Windows USB Access

The CP2101-drivers for Windows can be found on the BTnode CDROM (CDROM:\tools\silabscp2101_driver\) or on the SiLabs Website as part of the USBXpress package:

Update: New standalone drivers are available here.

Installation Steps

  1. Connect the BTnode rev3 via the USB prog board to your computer.
  2. Install the drivers from CDROM:\tools\silabscp210x_driver\WIN\
  3. Use the script list_usb2uart.vbs from CDROM:\tools\misc_tools to acquire the COM-Port (COMx) of the USB prog board. Remember this port, as it will be used to connect to the BTnode rev3 subsequently.
    • If the COM-Port shouldn't be indicated by the script above, check the Device Manager. The device should be listed in the Ports (COM & LPT) field as CP2101 USB to UART Bridge Controller (COMx). Screenshot.
    • It might be required to do a reboot. This might be necessary as well, if the device is suddenly not shown in the Ports (COM & LPT) field anymore.

Note: If you are using COM ports higher than COM9, then use //./COMx as port name. This formating also works for COM1-COM9.

You can now upload an application: See 3.3. Upload Sample Application (.hex file).