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[2008-04-02]: BTnode Tutorial held at ASCI 2008 with 32 participants!
[2007-07-02]: WSN Application Deployment Survey Online
[2007-06-04]: BTnode CDROM rev5 with updated tutorial available for download
[2007-06-04]: Tutorial at INSS 2007 featuring BTnodes
[2007-05-31]: BTnode Programming Tutorial v1.6 released
[2007-05-02]: XubunTOS TinyOS - Linux live CD is available here as European Mirror [iso]
[2007-03-09]: The DSN is featured on
[2007-02-21]: DSN rev1.0 released - Testbed @ ETHZ
[2007-01-26]: BTnode CDROM rev4 with updated tools and BTnut 1.8 available for download
[2007-01-23]: BTnut system software 1.8 released
[2007-01-23]: BTnode Programming Tutorial v1.5 released
[2006-12-15]: Tutorial at EWSN 2007 featuring BTnodes
[2006-11-16]: BTnode Programming Tutorial v1.4 released
[2006-08-27]: Job Opening - Software Development and Support Engineer
[2006-05-29]: BTnode Programming Tutorial v1.3 released
[2006-05-22]: Hardware Errata: ISP Programming - SCK patch
[2006-04-10]: BTnode CDROM rev3 with updated tools and BTnut 1.6 available for download get snap and system here.
[2006-04-10]: BTnut system software 1.6 released
[2006-04-07]: BTnode Programming Tutorial v1.2 released
[2006-03-30]: BTsense: A Simple Sensor Board
[2006-02-06]: BTnode Developer Kit now available with ATAVRISP MK2 USB programmer for EUR 520
[2005-11-18]: New Homepage as a Wiki
[2005-10-29]: Online Deployment-Support Networks Demo
[2005-06-07]: BTnode Developer Kit available for EUR 500
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