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The BTnode is an autonomous wireless communication and computing platform based on a Bluetooth radio and a microcontroller. It serves as a demonstration platform for research in mobile and ad-hoc connected networks (MANETs) and distributed sensor networks. The BTnode has been jointly developed at ETH Zurich by the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK) and the Research Group for Distributed Systems. Currently, the BTnode is primarily used in two major research projects: NCCR MICS and Smart-Its.

BTnode rev.3

The low-power radio is the same as used on the Berkeley Mica2 Motes, making the BTnode rev3 a twin of both the Mote and the old BTnode. Both radios can be operated simultaneously or be independently powered off completely when not in use, considerably reducing the idle power consumption of the device.

BTnode rev3 features at a glance

The BTnode rev3

Download Product Brief [pdf] [rev3.24 2006-03-21]

BTnode rev3 Hardware Reference


To get going is quite straightforward. Before you can start developing applications for the BTnode, you need to

See Installation and the BTnode Tutorial for detailed instructions.

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